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hennightdares |  Chilli Pepper Lights

Chilli Pepper Lights

hennightdares |  Chilli Pepper Lights

Colour Chilli Pepper Lights (L.E.D)

Colour Chilli Pepper Lights (L.E.D)

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Price: 17.95

Multi Colour Chilli Pepper Lights for the home, ideal for creating that summer Mexican vibe in the kitchen, hallway or bedroom.

Each set contains 20 L.E.D chilli lights

These are Low Voltage Lights for extra Safety

Lamp Spacing 25cm

4.75m Long / Lead Length to first light 1.5m

These Lights are on a straight light String

20 Lamps at 3.5V 300mA.1.05W Rating of Light Set: 1.05W (All figures are approximate)

hennightdares |  Chilli Pepper Lights

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